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ENMAT V3.0.1.0 is Now Available

Envantage Ltd are excited to announce the release of a major update to ENMAT, Version 3.0. The update has introduced a complete overhaul of the user interface, whilst also providing many background optimisations and improvements. Your username and password will

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ENMAT V2.4.3.2 is now available

Update Summary Added Support for Timezones – Please see Knowledgebase for more information   Users can now select the applicable timezone associated with the site they wish to report on from a drop down list in the options as illustrated

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ENMAT V2.3.0.4 is now available

Update Summary Added Multiple Factor Regression Analysis Added CUSUM Analysis   Updated User guide   Download the updated ENMAT User guide  Pages 45 – 49 updated. Document Date updated: 7th September 2015 Document Version: 1.7   Multiple regression analysis is a powerful technique used

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ENMAT V2.2.20.0 is now available

Update Summary Added decimal handling Added auto scaling   Updated User guide   Download the updated ENMAT User guide  Document Date updated: 22nd April 2015 Document Version: 1.6   Decimal handling allows the user to define how the consumption is displayed in

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ENMAT V2.2 is now available

 Download ENMAT V2.2 Release Notes Document Date updated: 22nd April 2014 Document Version: 1.0 Software Release Date: 22nd April 2014   Update Summary Added Support for Water, Heat and Steam Metering Revision of filtering (options) on dashboards Other General Enhancements CCL

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ENMAT V2.1 is now available

We are excited to announce a new software update for ENMAT Energy Monitoring and Targeting Software. This update entitles Gold and Platinum subscribers to ENMAT V2.1 new charts and graphs in addition to their existing subscription. The below charts and

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ENMAT New Feature: Manual Meter Reading Entry

  The Manual Meter Reading Entry  service allows customers’ meter readings to be manually entered into the ENMAT Energy Management System. Users can enter Actual, Customer or Estimated meter readings for electricity or gas supplies. The kWh usage is then reported

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Add filtering by specific times

We’ve now added time to the date time filter allowing  time stamps to be chosen for all reports.   When selected the chart data will be filtered based on the date and time; otherwise just the date is used with a

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Unavailable dashboards

The system will now show which dashboards are available, and conversely those which cannot be displayed due to missing data (e.g. no area charts should be available when no areas are below the current dashboard).     If any of the charts

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ENMAT Email Alerts have now been implemented for Gold Subscribers

The ENMAT Email Alerting system has now been implemented. Alerts are setup by the ENMAT team on request whenever monitoring is required, so it is possible to monitor the consumption of an entire company by adding an alert at a

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Current Version
ENMAT V2.4.10.0 released 6th April 2016.

For more information on ENMAT version history visit ENMAT Knowedgebase

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