ENMAT New Feature: Manual Meter Reading Entry



The Manual Meter Reading Entry  service allows customers’ meter readings to be manually entered into the ENMAT Energy Management System.

Users can enter Actual, Customer or Estimated meter readings for electricity or gas supplies. The kWh usage is then reported on with Enmat Energy dashboards, charts and graphs allowing the user to see energy usage in a similar way to an Automatic Meter Read (AMR) in ENMAT from a smart meter. ENMAT uses the same dashboard interfaces for manual meter reads as with AMR’s for simplicity. Energy related data can also be accessed through a number of ENMAT Apps including Android and IOS

The ENMAT Meter Reading Entry Service is an affordable way to manage periodic meter readings and energy billing.


ENMAT Document Library

Alongside this service users can  add supporting documents such as Energy bills, re-bills, and credit notes.


Demo Available

A live demo of this service is available on request.


Click for larger view:











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Current Version
ENMAT V2.4.10.0 released 6th April 2016.

For more information on ENMAT version history visit ENMAT Knowedgebase

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