ENMAT V3.0.1.0 is Now Available

Envantage Ltd are excited to announce the release of a major update to ENMAT, Version 3.0. The update has introduced a complete overhaul of the user interface, whilst also providing many background optimisations and improvements.

Your username and password will not change, and you will be able to login as per normal.

Please note that ENMAT may be a little slower than normal for a couple of days as we are expecting to experience above average traffic. Normal browsing speeds will resume after a couple of days. 


We have added several new features to ENMAT V3.0, all of which are designed to make navigating your consumption data simpler and more intuitive.

  • Chart Dashboard: The Dashboard has been redesigned with a brand new layout and icons, and can now be fully customised by an ENMAT account manager to suit your requirements.
  • Chart Energy/Utility Types: The most obvious change to the Dashboard is the introduction of chart groups, which segregate charts by energy/utility type (electricity, natural gas, steam, etc.) and are colour coded as shown below.

Chart Utility Types

  • Chart Options: We have simplified the chart options interface to allow users to choose the duration, time interval, and time zone settings of a chart more easily.
  • Chart Backward/Forward Buttons: Large buttons have been added on each side of all charts in ENMAT V3.0. These buttons allow the user to quickly navigate back and forth between different time periods as defined in the chart options.



In addition to the new features, we have made changes to the charts themselves to make them clearer and easier to use.

  • Optimisation: Charts have been optimised to show more useful data sets by default.
  • Redesign: Charts have been redesigned to show data more clearly.
  • Supply Utilisation Chart: A new chart showing details of an electricity supply’s authorised supply capacity (ASC), power factor, and maximum demand in kVA. This chart is useful for users looking to monitor their supply’s utilisation of their ASC, and is provided to all users by default.



To log into ENMAT, open a web browser and access http://www.en-mat.com/login, then click the link to log into ENMAT. You should be presented with a login screen as shown to the left.

Your username and password has not changed, and you will be able to login as per normal after launch. Please contact ENMAT support (see Contact Details below) if you wish to obtain a new password, or reset your old one.



The user guide for ENMAT V3.0 can be found here: http://www.en-mat.com/enmat-user-guide

The knowledgebase for ENMAT V3.0 can be found here: http://kb.en-mat.com/knowledgebase.php



We hope that you will experience a seamless transition to ENMAT V3.0, however if you have any problems please contact ENMAT support at support@en-mat.com or 0800 054 2577 / 0161 448 7722.

Alternatively, you can raise a ticket on the support helpdesk at http://support.en-mat.com/.


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ENMAT V2.4.3.2 is now available

Update Summary


Users can now select the applicable timezone associated with the site they wish to report on from a drop down list in the options as illustrated below. Users will only need to do this once as settings are saved once applied.

zoneselect (1)

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ENMAT V2.3.0.4 is now available

Update Summary

  • Added Multiple Factor Regression Analysis
  • Added CUSUM Analysis


Updated User guide 

pdf_icon Download the updated ENMAT User guide  Pages 45 – 49 updated.

Document Date updated: 7th September 2015

Document Version: 1.7


Multiple regression analysis is a powerful technique used for predicting the unknown value of a variable from the known value of two or more variables- also called the predictors.

Regression analysis essentially estimates the relationships among variables (trend)

The purpose of multiple regression is to predict a single variable from one or more independent variables. Multiple regression with many predictor variables is an extension of linear regression with two predictor variables. A linear transformation of the X variables is done so that the sum of squared deviations of the observed and predicted Y is a minimum.












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ENMAT V2.2.20.0 is now available

Update Summary

  • Added decimal handling
  • Added auto scaling


Updated User guide 

pdf_icon Download the updated ENMAT User guide 

Document Date updated: 22nd April 2015

Document Version: 1.6


Decimal handling allows the user to define how the consumption is displayed in terms of decimal places.


By default ENMAT uses rounding to one decimal place. This can now be easily changed in the options.




Rounded using one decimal place:



Using two decimal place option:

Selectable on the options page:


This changes the display as expected:



For anything except unrounded values the system will indicate the rounding applied to the page:



Example of decimal handling on larger consumption values:


Rounding To One Decimal Place: 1,412,222.3 kWh

Rounding To Two Decimal Places: 1,412,222.30 kWh

Rounding To Three Decimal Places: 1,412,222.300 kWh

Rounding To Four Decimal Places: 1,412,222.3000 kWh

Rounding To Nearest Integer Value: 1,412,222 kWh

Unrounded Values: 1412222.3 kWh




 Auto Scaling

The Automatic scaling feature picks a suitable number of decimal places to display in the charts based on the number of readings that have been calculated to display in the report.



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ENMAT V2.2 is now available

pdf_icon Download ENMAT V2.2 Release Notes

Document Date updated: 22nd April 2014

Document Version: 1.0

Software Release Date: 22nd April 2014


Update Summary

  • Added Support for Water, Heat and Steam Metering
  • Revision of filtering (options) on dashboards
  • Other General Enhancements
  • CCL Database and support for billing forecast view
  • Added support for EON import data

Download the above release notes document for further information.


Updated User guide 

pdf_icon Download the updated ENMAT User guide 

Document Date updated: 22nd April 2014

Document Version: 1.5

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ENMAT V2.1 is now available

We are excited to announce a new software update for ENMAT Energy Monitoring and Targeting Software. This update entitles Gold and Platinum subscribers to ENMAT V2.1 new charts and graphs in addition to their existing subscription. The below charts and graphs will be automatically available next time exisitng customers login to ENMAT.


The new features include:







Energy Consumption Chart



Cost per M2



kWh per M2



Power Factor Detail



Power Factor Gauge



Production per kWh



Site Usage Summary



Site Usage



Period Summary



Degree Days



Main Dashboard (Custom)



Bespoke  Software Development






New Feature Release


ENMAT V2.1 Released Jan 2014



Additional Information


There is no charge for this update if you are a Gold or Platinum subscriber. If you wish to upgrade your subscription to Gold or above to take advantage of the latest updates then please email info@en-mat.com for more information.


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ENMAT New Feature: Manual Meter Reading Entry



The Manual Meter Reading Entry  service allows customers’ meter readings to be manually entered into the ENMAT Energy Management System.

Users can enter Actual, Customer or Estimated meter readings for electricity or gas supplies. The kWh usage is then reported on with Enmat Energy dashboards, charts and graphs allowing the user to see energy usage in a similar way to an Automatic Meter Read (AMR) in ENMAT from a smart meter. ENMAT uses the same dashboard interfaces for manual meter reads as with AMR’s for simplicity. Energy related data can also be accessed through a number of ENMAT Apps including Android and IOS

The ENMAT Meter Reading Entry Service is an affordable way to manage periodic meter readings and energy billing.


ENMAT Document Library

Alongside this service users can  add supporting documents such as Energy bills, re-bills, and credit notes.


Demo Available

A live demo of this service is available on request.


Click for larger view:











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Add filtering by specific times

We’ve now added time to the date time filter allowing  time stamps to be chosen for all reports.

filter by time


When selected the chart data will be filtered based on the date and time; otherwise just the date is used with a full set of 24 hour readings between the date range period.

For more information please see ENMAT KB Article: http://kb.en-mat.com/knowledgebase.php?article=18

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Unavailable dashboards

The system will now show which dashboards are available, and conversely those which cannot be displayed due to missing data (e.g. no area charts should be available when no areas are below the current dashboard).




If any of the charts for which no data is available are clicked the following message will be shown

no chart


For more information please see ENMAT KB Article: http://kb.en-mat.com/knowledgebase.php?article=30

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ENMAT Email Alerts have now been implemented for Gold Subscribers

The ENMAT Email Alerting system has now been implemented. Alerts are setup by the ENMAT team on request whenever monitoring is required, so it is possible to monitor the consumption of an entire company by adding an alert at a company.

The ENMAT Support team sets up, configurs and administers the Email alerts.

Equally this will work at a site, location or even a specific meter.


Email alerts are supported for:

  1. Consumption
  2.  Missing readings
  3. Tariff Expiry




Consumption Alerts


The consumption alert allows for the alert to be raised when the consumption for the current period exceeds
that of the defined previous period. A typical example is below.

The logic is that the Period is the duration to monitor. This will have a reference point of midnight last night. So
a value of one day would compare yesterday against the comparison period.

The comparison period defines the period to compare against. This always ends at the start of the Period as
defined above.

Average consumption values are compared for the period.

In the example below, for today 11/08/2013 the alert would compare

Readings between 10/08/2013 and 11/08/2013 against the period 10/07/2013 10/08/2013

When the alert value is specified as GBP the cost will be compared. The value in GBP is still a percentage.





Missing reading alerts

Missing readings can be monitored for a specific period.

Period is the offset from now to monitor; so for example 1 day would start comparing from 1 day from now, the comparison period is the period to monitor so for example

Period 6 hours
Comparison Period 1 day
Date Time now : 2013-08-11 12:25

Period checked for readings:
1. 2013-08-11 06:25 (now – 6 hours)
2. 2013-08-10 06:25 ( (1) – 1 day)


Tariff Expiry Alerts

Tariff expiry can now be alerted automatically by adding a system level (or company level) alert.


To warn of any tariff expiry within a period of today – 1 month. This will warn up to 1 month before the tariff expiry date and stop warning once the tariff end date has been passed.



Email notifications;
If there is a valid email address or addresses within the alert definition upon completion an alert will be mailed out to all of the email addresses listed. Currently this will be with a single message to multiple recipients.


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Current Version
ENMAT V2.4.10.0 released 6th April 2016.

For more information on ENMAT version history visit ENMAT Knowedgebase

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