ENMAT V2.2.20.0 is now available

Update Summary

  • Added decimal handling
  • Added auto scaling


Updated User guide 

pdf_icon Download the updated ENMAT User guide 

Document Date updated: 22nd April 2015

Document Version: 1.6


Decimal handling allows the user to define how the consumption is displayed in terms of decimal places.


By default ENMAT uses rounding to one decimal place. This can now be easily changed in the options.




Rounded using one decimal place:



Using two decimal place option:

Selectable on the options page:


This changes the display as expected:



For anything except unrounded values the system will indicate the rounding applied to the page:



Example of decimal handling on larger consumption values:


Rounding To One Decimal Place: 1,412,222.3 kWh

Rounding To Two Decimal Places: 1,412,222.30 kWh

Rounding To Three Decimal Places: 1,412,222.300 kWh

Rounding To Four Decimal Places: 1,412,222.3000 kWh

Rounding To Nearest Integer Value: 1,412,222 kWh

Unrounded Values: 1412222.3 kWh




 Auto Scaling

The Automatic scaling feature picks a suitable number of decimal places to display in the charts based on the number of readings that have been calculated to display in the report.



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