ENMAT Email Alerts have now been implemented for Gold Subscribers

The ENMAT Email Alerting system has now been implemented. Alerts are setup by the ENMAT team on request whenever monitoring is required, so it is possible to monitor the consumption of an entire company by adding an alert at a company.

The ENMAT Support team sets up, configurs and administers the Email alerts.

Equally this will work at a site, location or even a specific meter.


Email alerts are supported for:

  1. Consumption
  2.  Missing readings
  3. Tariff Expiry




Consumption Alerts


The consumption alert allows for the alert to be raised when the consumption for the current period exceeds
that of the defined previous period. A typical example is below.

The logic is that the Period is the duration to monitor. This will have a reference point of midnight last night. So
a value of one day would compare yesterday against the comparison period.

The comparison period defines the period to compare against. This always ends at the start of the Period as
defined above.

Average consumption values are compared for the period.

In the example below, for today 11/08/2013 the alert would compare

Readings between 10/08/2013 and 11/08/2013 against the period 10/07/2013 10/08/2013

When the alert value is specified as GBP the cost will be compared. The value in GBP is still a percentage.





Missing reading alerts

Missing readings can be monitored for a specific period.

Period is the offset from now to monitor; so for example 1 day would start comparing from 1 day from now, the comparison period is the period to monitor so for example

Period 6 hours
Comparison Period 1 day
Date Time now : 2013-08-11 12:25

Period checked for readings:
1. 2013-08-11 06:25 (now – 6 hours)
2. 2013-08-10 06:25 ( (1) – 1 day)


Tariff Expiry Alerts

Tariff expiry can now be alerted automatically by adding a system level (or company level) alert.


To warn of any tariff expiry within a period of today – 1 month. This will warn up to 1 month before the tariff expiry date and stop warning once the tariff end date has been passed.



Email notifications;
If there is a valid email address or addresses within the alert definition upon completion an alert will be mailed out to all of the email addresses listed. Currently this will be with a single message to multiple recipients.


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